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Banter English equips Korean entertainment companies with the English language and Western culture skills they need to excel on the global stage.

Global corporations our team has worked with

Are your employees struggling to communicate effectively in English?

Do you find it challenging to understand the nuances of Western culture?

You're not alone.

Many Korean entertainment companies face these hurdles when trying to expand globally.

We're Banter English, and we're here to help. 

Our unique, industry-specific training process is based on modern research in language training and communication skills upskilling.  

The Banter English method emphasizes fluency and practical communication skills, tailored to each learner's unique career goals and needs.

We provide real-world projects, personalized feedback, and networking opportunities with professionals in the Western entertainment industry. 

Problems we address

  • Difficulty in localizing content for foreign markets

  • Struggling to understand Western business practices

  • Missing out on global opportunities due to language and cultural barriers

  • Misunderstandings due to cultural differences in humor, values, and norms

  • Difficulty in building and maintaining relationships with foreign partners and clients

  • Adapting to different consumer preferences and market trends in foreign markets

What makes Banter unique?

Banter English revolutionizes language learning by offering immersive and targeted training, specifically designed for the Korean entertainment industry.

Traditional English education in Korea focuses on academic exam scores and rote memorization.

The Banter English method emphasizes fluency and practical communication skills, tailored to each learner's unique career goals and needs.

Check out some sample lesson topics to get an idea of how Banter teaches relevant skills and cultural information -- not generic grammar and textbook vocabulary.

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The Process

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Banter Benefits

  • Immersive and targeted

    Banter English focuses on fluency and real-life communication skills, as opposed to exam-based learning.

  • Customized programs

    Lessons are tailored to each learner's career goals and company requirements, rather than generic content.

  • Micro-learning lessons

    Hyper-specific skill-building that enables efficient and effective learning, compared to traditional methods.

  • Created with industry professionals

    Our content is designed by active entertainment professionals, ensuring direct relevance to the industry.

  • Practical skill development

    Banter English equips learners with the skills they need to excel in their careers and connect with global audiences.

Who do we work with?

We create programs that are specific to company goals, job titles, and more. Check here for some inspiration.

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Why Choose Banter English?

  • Customizable programs tailored to your company's goals

  • Project-based learning for real-life applications

  • Lessons developed by entertainment industry experts

  • Guaranteed improvement in English communication skills

  • The ONLY comprehensive English training program exclusively for the entertainment industry

Banter vs competition

About Us

At Banter English, we understand that in order to work in the entertainment industry, you need to be able to engage with people from all over the world in a way that is natural and fluid. 

That's why our courses are tailored specifically for entertainment professionals. Whether you're working on your pronunciation so you can nail that American accent, or learning how to have nuanced conversations about film and music, we've got you covered. 

Banter English is the perfect solution for entertainment industry professionals who want to improve their English language skills. Our educators and course creators have taught executive-level English learners, and our broad experience in the American entertainment industry means you'll get first-hand knowledge and insights from people who know the business inside out. 

Check out some examples of companies we've worked with below.

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